Terms of Service

Created: 5 August 2023, 11:38:31 UTC
Last updated: 6 August 2023, 02:13:04 UTC
By obtaining a Resinate via purchase or myo, participating, or registering with Divine-Remains.com , you are accepting the following terms.

The following terms are subject to modifications. If, when, a term is adjusted, an announcement will be made prior to the date of effect.
(Continued use of this website after the effected date assumes you agree and are complying with the modified terms.)


General Terms and Conditions

Remain courteous and civil with other users. We do not tolerate drama.
  • This includes making vague comments in regards to users you think are 'hoarding' or generally distasteful comments about other users
  • Refrain from making comments about the 'high' pricing an adopt may have.
Allow for admins at most <??> hours to get to your inquiry before pinging [some role] once on discord.
  • Do not spam nor ping multiple admins.
Suspicion of cheating will not be tolerated and may warrant a ban.


Adoptable Terms and conditions

All species/subtypes pertaining to divine-remains.com are seen as a closed species. You cannot create your own without permission.
  • Permission is granted in the form of
    • Make-Your-Own/ Myo slots
Any purchased adopts/myo slots are final and nonrefundable unless stated otherwise.

  • Follow the rules laid out for each auction. Depending on the circumstances, they won't always be the same.
  • Do not bid with money you cannot spend
  • Be prepared to pay within 24 hours. Failure to do so will earn you a warning and the previous bidder will get to purchase the design.
    • If you need a few hours extra due to timezones, work, etc, please bring it up in your bid or let the host of the auction know.


Redesigning [needs revamp]

Be aware, regardless of the scenario, the traits must follow the rarity + realm the character is already part of.
If you need to use an item to make the changes sought after, then please attach it upon submitting the completed approved image.

You did not create the design?:
  • Slight adjustments are permitted but must be sent in to be reviewed. The design must be similar to the original.



Reselling and trading [needs revamp]

All designs upon being transferred to a user, undergo a ??-day cooldown.

Purchased designs may be resold/traded/gifted for the price obtained.
  • If actual money was spent on additional art/writings/etc for the character, a user may submit for an adjustment with proof.
    • Reselling for more without an adjustment will be grounds for a warning.


Bannable Offenses [needs revamp]

Offenses are always viewed in a case-by-case situation.
For the most part, we do not wish to ban users for minor/forgivable mistakes. Bans of any kind are reserved for the more extreme cases.
Breaking any of the terms above may warrant the following.

A fair warning is given upon the first offense.
Repeated offenses, depending on severity, may result in a temporary ban of 1 month or multiple months.
  • User may send in an appeal for the team to review, if the reason is justifiable, the ban be lifted. If not, the ban will continue till complete.
  • Please wait 72 hours for a mod response, if none has come, then you may resend the appeal.
Permanent ban, when a user has been permanently banned they will not lose their characters.
  • Instead, characters are voided, unable to participate in events/activities/etc, and the user will be unavailable to purchase designs/items/etc and that pertains to Divine-Remains.com
Prior to all of these changes, a user will be given a fore-warning.
  • Appeals at this point will not sway the status of the ban.
Reminder, bans, in general, are given to the more extreme cases, not for minor/forgivable mistakes.